About Us

Cascante Contracting, Inc. was founded in New Jersey in 1984 and established in Richmond, Virginia in 1994 by it's founder Francisco Cascante.

In 1965 Francisco left his homeland of Costa Rica headed to Barcelona, Spain with a scholarship to study engineering. After eight years of studying and working in Spain he dedicated several years to traveling and working in different countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. After serveral years in Europe he returned back to Costa Rica and remained there for a year. Afterwards he returned to Europe and established himself in Norway to work for different companies for two years. In 1982 he returned again to Costa Rica until he decided to go and work in the United States. This was where he began to work in Newark, New Jersey on a tug boat for a year. He then decided to work in construction and establish Cascante Contracting.

When Francisco established the company here in Richmond, he had a total of 49 people working for him. Since then the company has contiued to grow everyday with our effort to acquire and maintain satisfied customers.

We offer both residential and commercial customers the complete resources to manage jobs of any size or complexity. Our field staff includes skilled estimators whose job is not only to quote you a price for the job, but also to educate our customers on the best choices. Not everyone has a background in these fields, but someone who is given the knowledge and is well-informed of their options has a better chance of making the right decision for
their home and wallet. We have built our business and reputation based on our honesty, service, integrity, craftsmanship and our goal to provide you with the highest quality job performance. We want our customers to be pleased with the job performed as well as with the decisions they have made for the monies they are investing in their home. Cascante Contracting, Inc. has a dedicated roof repair team available year round.

*Whether you need a repair, new roof or replacement, call on Cascante Contracting, Inc.*

***For additional information or to schedule a FREE no-obligation estimate, feel free to give us a call or send us your information through our contact us link and we will gladly call you back. We look forward to bringing you our friendly service and expertise.***